Hotel & Restaurant Back Office Management Software

Smart BOS W-Series™ is a web-based Back Office Management System designed to facilitate and automate the financial management of hospitality businesses. It keeps track of all your financial transactions, providing greater financial visibility.

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Why Smart BOS W-Series?

Work Anywhere Online

It’s 100% web-based so you can manage your hotel’s accounting from your headquarters anywhere in the world. It’s simple, convenient and cost effective.

Super Easy-to-Use

You don’t have to know complicated accounting processes. This software is the only tool you need to manage time-consuming accounting tasks easily. Plus, it’s user-friendly, which you can use confidently with minimal training.

Real-Time Automation

The system completes most tasks for you. Just input a few data entries and let the system automate your workload. It means less work and fewer staff required.

Manage Finance Easily With…

Income audit

Aggregate all your revenue streams from all outlets and manage them in one place. It’s just so easy to manage your revenue.

Internal audit

Trawling through entire accounting transaction histories, Smart BOS helps you detect and correct any errors in accounting. It reduces the risk of fraud as well as fixing clerical errors.


Help manage entire procurement process of your hotel from creating buying lists to invoice approval and payment. No more paperwork to do. Everything is just easier.

Inventory Control

Manage and control your inventory in the most efficient way. Record and categorize each item for better tracking. Transfer and adjust stock in no time. Ensure accuracy of inventory management.

Accounts Receivable

Know whom to collect money from. Automatically Issue invoices to them. And make sure you don’t lose a cent.

Accounts Payable

Manage your payment systematically. Know whom to pay. Freely select payment methods such as check or bank transfer after receiving an invoice. Then, pay. Done.

Fixed Assets Management

Manage fixed asset easily when you always have accurate fixed asset information. Plus, no need to calculate depreciation rate or salvage value of your assets manually.

General Ledger

Help you sort and store different types of transactions in balance sheet or income statement. Reports can be generated in no time.

360° Reporting System

Making smarter decisions without accurate information is no better than guessing. With our 360° Reporting System, you can monitor, analyze, forecast, decide, and take action more effectively.

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