Whether your hotel is big or small, it has to have good management to succeed in the industry. One way to improve it is to deploy Hotel Software at your hotel. It makes your hotel more organized. You probably have seen it used by many successful hotels around the world. But choosing hotel software for your hotel is not an easy thing to do. There are many many factors to consider in order to pick the right one that really fits your hotel’s needs. A lot of hotels, in my experience, had made wrong decisions before, by not carefully selecting a Property Management System(PMS). Eventually, they had to reinvest again after unsuccessful PMS implementation.

So, this guide will help you choose the right Hotel Software(PMS) that you can work with, happily in the long run. Just follow these 8 guides before you give away money to any PMS vendor.

1. Make sure it’s easy-to-use
2. Make sure it has full functionalities that support your hotel’s operations
3. Ask yourself: Does it has well-designed user interface?
4. Check if the vendor has good customer service
5. Check if it generates positive ROI
6. The vendor must continuously improves its software
7. Vendor’s reputation in the market must be positive
8. Make sure the software can interface with third-party systems that you’re using