At Smart Finder, we never stop improving ourselves as a hotel-tech leader. We always strive to make better things for our valued customers. Strengthening our standard is one of the most effective ways to deliver maximum values to our customers. And that is why we apply ITIL practices, an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, to our Research and Development Department. Having Incorporated ITIL practices into our development processes, we can align IT services with the needs of our customers’ business better. This results in improved customer satisfaction that expectation of our customers matches the reality.

More about ITIL

ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a set of practices for IT Service Management which helps align the needs of business to IT services. It establishes a firm integration between business strategy and IT services, where value is maximized and competency is maintained.

ITIL consists of five key areas of IT Service Management, which are as followings;
1. Service Strategy
2. Service Design
3. Service Transition
4. Service Operation
5. Continual Service Improvement