Smart Kiosk & Check In

Allow guests to self-check in/out via Smart Kiosk with no human interaction, reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection. Service is also faster, easier and more flexible.

Why Smart Kiosk?

1. Simplify and speed up check-in/out processes
2. Offer more options for guests in using your services
3. Improve guest experience
4. Modernize hotel brand with modern technology


How to Self Check-In 

  • Scan QR Code or fill in booking number
  • fill in personal information (Passport/ID card scannable)
  • Sign and get room key card

How to Self Check-Out

checkout process
  • Scan check-out code or fill in c/o number
  • Check folio and pay
  • Return key card and check-out




  • Multi-language
  • Display Guest Folio
  • QR Code Scan or Fill in Reservation Number
  • Settle Payment
    • Credit/Debit Card
    • QR Payment
    • Alipay
    • WeChat Pay
  • Display Booking Information
  • Accept Key Card Return
  • Registration
    • Passport
    • T.M.6
    • Thai ID Card
    • Digital Signature
    • Photo
  • Auto Sending Thank you Letter to Customer’s Email
  • Issue Key Card
  • Auto Sending Surveys to Customer’s Email
  • Payment ( Pay at Hotel )
    •  Credit/Debit Card
    • QR Payment
    • Alipay
    • WeChat Pay
  • Check-In Slip with hotel information
    • Breakfast time and venue
    • Hotel facilities and operation hours
    • Others
  • Auto Sending Welcome Message and Documents
    to Customer’s Email

Smart Check-In

Forget analog check-in/out processes and digitize them by allowing guests to complete the processes via mobile devices. No paper and pen needed.

Why Smart Check-In?

  1. Forever paperless
  2. Check-in/out anywhere
  3. Instant data synchronization
  4. Impress guests with light-speed check-in/out
smart check-in
kiosk and mobile check in

Want to know how these two can help your hotel handle COVID-19 outbreak?