Smart Finder Property Management System makes it easy to manage your hotel properties.

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About Smart Finder PMS

Smart Finder Property Management System is the core system that streamlines, automates and facilitates overall work processes of your hotels on both management activities and day-to-day operations.

Smart Finder Property Management System keeps your hotel workflows highly organized and therefore improves efficiency of your hotels to the max. At the same time, it lets hotel managers have everything under control and spend worry-free time to serve your guests better.

Our Hotel Management System(PMS) offers the most sophisticated features compared to other PMSs in the market. But that does not mean our Property Management System is difficult to use. It is designed with simplicity in mind to be as most user-friendly as possible. You will realize how easy-to-use it is once you see its user interface, if not, using it.


Smart Finder Property Management System is so easy-to-use giving users Zeus-like power to use at its full capabilities. Therefore, with such simplicity, they can work at their peak potential resulting in high work performance.

Its user interface is very intuitive, said by most users, that tasks can be done so fast which saves you huge amount of valuable time. Moreover, another thing that makes Smart Finder Property Management System easy-to-use is that it provides seamless user experience as it helps users operate the system easier.


With many integration options available, Smart Finder Property Management System can reduce your work by half by cutting repetitive and manual tasks that waste your time and make you inefficient.

It can integrate with many things, both software and hardware. It allows you to work only once across platforms instead of going back and forth to do the task twice in each platform.


You will be happy with a smile on your face when you see how many things Smart Finder Property Management System can do for you. Our PMS is one of the most feature-rich hotel management software in the market, which allows you to do more things, completes more tasks, and therefore, accomplishes more goals. Its in-depth features let you reduce tons of manual work as it automates the work for you.


Smart Finder Property Management System can serve your hotels perfectly in any ways. This is because pretty much everything can be customized to suit your hotel operations.

You do not have to adjust your existing operations to fit the system which requires a lot of time implementing new changes throughout the whole organization. Instead, Smart Finder Property Management System can change and blend itself to go along with you without any business interruption.

Everything You Need Is Here…

This fully-featured property management will make hoteliering become easier


Front Desk

Manage front-desk operations fast and easy. Save time for making your guests happy.


Aggregate all reservations from all channels in one place. Automatically create reservations for your guests. Send out an e-booking card along with payment gateway. Done.

Guest Profile

Keep any guest detail before, during, and after their stay to make a personalized guest profile. Instantly recognize them when they come back. Create better personalization. Or utilize it in your own way.

Rate Management

Set up multiple rate schemes including promotional rates and customer segment rates. Apply the pre-set rates to suit your customers with ease.


Facilitate and automate housekeeping operations from managing stocks to updating room status. And maintain good coordination with other departments to prevent any error that leads to guest dissatisfaction.


Make your engineering routines easier to handle. Keep records when things break down. Prepare a maintenance list in no time. Track down uncompleted jobs. And update status once things get fixed.


Manage Account Receivable with more accuracy to prevent money loss from human errors.

Customer Relationship Management

Maintain good relationship with your guests through personalization. Keep communication constant via built-in email sender. It’s a great tool for building customer loyalty.

Software Integrations

Connect with other hospitality management systems in your hotel for more efficient hotel management. Be it Revenue Management System, Channel Management System, Back Office System, Internet Booking Engine and much more.

Hardware Interface

Integrate your hardware equipment to Smart Finder Property Management System. Be it digital door locking, TVs, PABX, ID/Passport scanners, electric meters, cash drawers, and more.

Night Audit

Automatically generate room charge, detect no show and outstanding expected departures, and interface settlement information from outlet to front office.

360° Reporting System

Making decisions without accurate information is no better than guessing. With our 360° Reporting System, you can monitor, analyze, forecast, decide, and take action more effectively.

Leverage Cloud & Mobile Technology

Make online reservations and check-ins for your guests anywhere via mobile devices. Or access real-time information of your hotel when you’re away. Simply take your hotel management to the next level.

Multi-device Support

Choose devices of your choice to work with. Use tablets for work that needs mobility. Or use touch-screen PCs for operations that need ultra-high speed.

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